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Pay to Stay

We had to do immigration thing today. We pay $100 bzd a month to stay here. It used to be $50 but we have not left the country in the last six months so it got bumped up.

We let a bit later than usual to go there and ran into Wharfrat along the way (sorry Ricoman did not have camera on hand) we chatted for a bit then went on our way. The line was very short but it still took about 20 minutes or so to be seen. While waiting in line, we got to listen to some 80’s music and Bob Marley courtesy of Dave downstairs at Island perk that made our wait more enjoyable as did running into Diane when she was coming out of the customs office.

Looking over the balcony, we saw Cindy and Paul turn up, afterward we all sat together for a bit and chatted. Paul and I had a frappe to celebrate our stamps Dave made it extra special with a dollop of whipped cream.

I can hear Juan Carlos and Allison from next door down in the court yard. They have made a circle in the dirt and are playing marbles.

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