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Living in Belize Weather In Belize

Thanks to Hurricane Gustave we Have Rain


Hurricane Gustave 

Paul said 95% of New Orleans is evacuated – we have been following their activity on the morning news and hoping everyone is ok. We had some thunder and rain earlier and it looks like the sun is trying to come out now.  Been interesting to see the effects of Gustave on Belize.  You can tell by the NOOA screen shot below how even though we are well out of the way of the storm, we are still getting lots of rain fallout.  Lara and I were talking about weather the other night and how we are learning signs in nature to help predict what’s to come. One example is seeing land crabs looking for higher ground.

San Pedro town was super hot today, Shannon and I went to Island Perk for our favorite iced coffee and window shopped a bit. That made us hungry ended up at Estels for a late breakfast. Sadly  She had to leave this aft, we  were about to flag a cab and Rick pulled up and said hop in so we did. How lucky was that perfect timing – thanks Rick 🙂

weather in belize


Thankfully our weather in Belize has been great as you can see from pictures of Saturdays  trip, we had a great time on the Seaduced by Belize Catamaran. I wanted a day off from blogging and to just enjoy the boat, thankfully there was no shortage of picture takers and Forrest Jones was willing to share a few with me so you could still get in on our day sail adventure.

weather san pedro belize

Dick and Carole celebrating coming home from Canada in true Belize style

weather san pedro belize

Relaxing island style

weather in belize

Birdie at the helm

weather in belize

Something Michele said made me laugh hard not sure what it was

weather san pedro belize

tacoboy enjoying a day off and lighthouse beer

weather san pedro belize


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  1. tacogirl September 15, 2008

    We had a blast Tina always a great time with friends on on boats.

  2. Tina September 2, 2008

    Now that is living! Looks like you guys had lots of fun.


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