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Always something

I have wanted to do a cleanse what seems like forever now but every time I think about starting the 12 day Wild Rose Herbal D-tox cleanse something comes up to stop me. I finally decided to listen to Nike and “Just Do It” after Shannon left.

It does not matter that Quicksilver Dianne is having a Wine and appy pool party Friday night or that I will be celebrating 4o years and 364 days on this planet Sunday with a pot-licker aka potluck pool party and mini golf bash at the fitness club Sunday. I will somehow manage to show restraint and through this in the easiest possible way.

I chose to start my Cleanse on a Wednesday because that is a free day. There is no aqua-fitness class or any serious plans or obligations so I can just relax and lay in the hammock.

After class today Mary and I went around town shopping. I carried my meal plan and tried to stock up on what I could so that I would have more of the right foods ready.

In addition to what I bought today, I have 2 bags of pecans from dcg and some barracuda and snapper fillets from fishing with capt Jeff – wonderful food to help see me through and remind me of my friends when I eat it.

I told Rick this morning I was officially off the birthday cake that Cindy left us and that he and Paul could go nuts. He said he was out of the race too so that leaves Paul the winner of a big hunk of tabu cake.

I was going to make a pot of Chili but I will do it tomorrow morning instead – Paul and Rick can enjoy that and brown rice for a couple of days and I will be dining on fish – YUM

When I got home from shopping. Paul said he was going to go to Pedro’s tonight and will get a medium pizza. HMMM garlic shrimp pizza with green peppers as my last hurrah? How could I say no.

I have just pre typed tomorrows post so I can do bare minimum on the computer on my first day and I do believe this officially starts the journey of my 12 day cleanse.

Here are some of Christine’s photos that she took on her last visit.

Cindy and 2 Pauls

2 Pauls

Laurie and Paul

Colette Maya and Cindy

Dianne Cindy 2 Pauls and Walter

Laurie and Cindy

3 thoughts on “Always something

  1. tacogirl says:

    Michele that is some good synchronicity going on. One thing I keep forgetting to ask you are there any decent health food shops in Mexico?

    lol kcj

  2. KCJ says:

    Okay, go for it, girl . . . . just be off the regimen when we are there in November!! not that we will be a bad influence, but will will surely try!! 🙂

  3. Michele in Playa says:

    OK, what is going on in my world? First La Gringa’s post about her chickens and now this. My friend Maria just gave me the name of this same cleanse to try and I have been Googling it, on and off, for the past week. I am thinking about a three day detox as, I think, after 12 days, I might turn into a raving lunatic. Let me know how it works for you!

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