belize in january

Finally the temperature is rising

Three cheers, the weather for Belizeis getting warmer after a good cold spell. I really did not need to wear my polar fleece but I figured better safe than sorry after the past few days of cold.  BC’s Sunday Jam sometimes runs late and and I do not want to be come a frozen taco if it gets cold after dark.

What to expect weather wise for Belize in January

January are traditionally the coolest months with temps around 23°C or 75°F.This month is a popular month for travelers wanting to escape colder temperatures and get a start to their new years travel resolutions. It is also a good time to visit the mainland for slightly cooler temps in the jungle. As acclimatized Belize expats, Paul and I always get a laugh when, we see tourists swimming and wearing shorts on days when we are reaching for long sleeves and jeans. It was the same for us when we first turned up Jan 2007 and our friends were referring to us as “you Nordic types” on our daily trips next door to the beach at Ramon’s Village resort, one of our favorite swimming spots .

I will leave you with a few shots I took from our afternoon adventures.

weather for belize
Not as frosty as it was the past few days
belize in january
Kids usually find it warm enough to enjoy the sea
belize in january
Dennis Wolfe and the Usual Suspects
belize in january
A few of the brat pack


2 thoughts on “Finally the temperature is rising

  1. tricky richard says:

    That’s me playing saxophone with Dennis Wolfe and Co. on the beach. Cool picture. I hope you don’t mind if I put it on my facebook page.

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