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Mayan Abdominal Massage

Over the holidays I went for a Mayan abdominal massage at Sol Spa – I had heard a bit about this treatment and was looking forward to trying it.

I was asked to fill out a 4 page intake form ahead of time and when I went for initial consultation, we went through my form, addressed what I hoped to accomplish, and I learned more about the benefits of getting Mayan Abdominal Massage.

Mayan massage benefits all organs in abdomen region, by restoring then to their natural position and allowing for better blood and energy flow through the body. How often you get treatments directly depends on your goal for getting this type of massage.

For women Mayan massage can address – fertility â pregnancy â any reproductive health issues â fibroids – uterine cysts – endometriosis – menopause. This is done through checking placement of uterus and restoring to proper position through soft abdominal massage

For men Mayan massage helps men prevent enlarged prostate by clearing congestion in that area – it can also help in treating varicose veins – frequent urination and male reproductive issues.

Mayan abdominal massage also helps improve digestion for both sexes and can benefit people with irritable bowel syndrome ulcers indigestion Constipation (as defined by having a bowel movement less than 2 times a day)

Mayan Massage covers the whole abdomen from bottom of rib cage to pubic bone, then you are flipped over and have work on hips, lower back alignment, nerves in spinal column that lead to reproductive and digestive organs.

At the end of the massage I was taught how to do some simple after care to help maintain the treatment. I leaned that I had a right tilt to my uterus and that was affecting my digestion. During the massage I was specifically shown before and after of what my uterus placement felt like and I could notice a difference.

I walked away feeling lighter and like I had more than just my abdomen and lower back area worked on. I will say though next time I get one I would make sure it was not at the peak of Christmas party time as I could have used a bit more rest than I was able to get because my lower back was sore afterwards ( I did expect that though)

Price initial consultation 1.5 h $130 usd Follow up visits 1 h $90 usd

To learn more about the history of Mayan Abdominal massage click here

Allow time to rest
Drinks lots of water afterwards
Practice aftercare soon in order to remember hand positions

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