Way to many San Pedro Independence day parade pictures

I tried to narrow it down so I could post as few pictures as possible and I failed miserably, amen for fast loading wordpress photo galleries. Just in case you do not get enough pictures below, you can see last years parade pics taken from Tropic Air 🙂 That was a fun time we caught the beginning of the parade while we were waiting for our flight to  Belize city. Paul and I were heading to the Princess Poker room to blog ESPN coming to Belize for an interview with Bob Bounahra. I will have to dig up the photo shoot I did with Walter at the airport, he was all decked out for the parade.

Overall this years annual parade for  independence day was a lot of fun. It started on Belize time, seemed like a few less parade groups than past years and the after party in Central park was action packed. Music got people dancing, lots of food vendors were out, the beach and pier were packed, kids were swimming, the greased pole was getting some action and everyone was having a fantastic time.

I did not stay out late though as steak and ale pie with mashed potato and beans from Pedro’s Pizza was calling my name.

4 thoughts on “Way to many San Pedro Independence day parade pictures

  1. Emily says:

    You got some very nice photos, Laurie. Great color! We did not go to the parade this year since we’d just seen the St. George’s Caye Day parade, and I think my ears were still ringing. It did look like a great time, though. We went last year and thought it was the best parade we’d EVER been to. Belizeans sure know how to do a parade right. Great spirit and fun for all!

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