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Ups and downs

This morning I was quite happy as I was washing my laundry thinking when we move next week I can pretty much retire our laundry buckets except for a few hand washables and how nice it will be to have a real washing machine.

We were invited to a baby shower this aft at Sharon’s. I set out to go get a present and some food to bring. For some reason while I was out and about I started feeling grouchy and by the time I got home I decided I did not want to be around a bunch of people so I told Paul to go without me.

Oddly enough after a few minutes by myself I am not feeling so grouchy anymore.

Back to the up state of mind I just found out we can start moving tomorrow yay.

Ended up walking over to the party for a bit to say hi.

Having fun

Juicy conversation

Quick stop at Pedro’s on the way home

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