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Moving day ugh and yay

Here is a glimpse into what moving can be like on Ambergris Caye.

The tacoshack looks like a bomb has exploded – we are in full packing mode. Beth is going to come around with Sharon’s cart after breakfast and we will start moving stuff over. Many friends have offered well wishes and help on our move. Being as we are not particularly fond of moving we are very grateful for the offers but are not feeling crunched enough to rope people into helping pack or schlep stuff.

10:55 am
Ok it’s official packing and moving sucks. We are making good progress and it is only 10:50 am but I have already had enough ha ha. I am packing and Paul is running stuff over in the cart – he is on load 2 right now.

I never got my second iced coffee today and I just texted back so he could bring it back on his next trip – I think it may be helpful to both of us right now.

The strangest thing just happened to me right now. I was taking one of our suitcases to fill it up with clothing and when I set it down I heard a rattling noise. Thinking to myself as I unzipped it I do not recall leaving anything there opened it up to see nothing. I put my hand inside and I could feel something under the lining. I unzipped it and what to I find but a big pile disintegrating plastic suitcase pieces – it had been breaking down on it’s own free will from the inside out.

11:48 pm
Load 3 on it’s way over and we both feel we are in good shape overall. MMM this iced coffee hits the spot and is giving me renewed packing energy ha ha.

1:26 pm
Paul just called to make sure I get everything we might need tonight ready. We are hoping to get 2 loads in but cutting it close as we promised to return the cart for 3 pm.

5:17 pm
Can’t believe I am here – it is a bit surreal almost like landing at a fancy b&b or something. Once I get the bed made and a few more things put away I think I will feel a bit more adjusted. Paul went to BC’s to drop the cart off – he just called and said he got to see Tulu.

9:45 pm
We just finished dinner and are both beat – time to hit the sack night all.

Load 3

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