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Up Close and Personal

Not to long ago it came up in conversation with two different friends about how often we change our sheets. I said that I change mine every Sunday and if I could [especially with hot hot it has been lately] I would do same as Oprah and change them every few days – a bit unrealistic now that we no longer have a washer at home. Both people (girls) said that they go longer that a week for change over of sheets – I am addicted to the clean sheet feeling and could not imagine waiting that long. I googled it and found answers ranging from twice a week to twice a month with once a week being the most common answer.

So the question on the table is How often do you change your sheets?

Down Town San Pedro Belize

I thought the bucket store shot was fitting to this post since I have a laundry bucket collection from when we lived in town.

Down Town San Pedro Belize

13 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal

  1. tacogirl says:

    That would be heaven Donna fresh sheets feeling 3 times a week. Bringing your own sheets that makes me laugh. I did same once when staying on the mainland. My cousin and I were surfing the website of where I was headed and we both noticed the bead spreads looked very 70’s that was a dead giveaway to me that the sheets were not up to par and sure enough I was right they were pilly and scratchy.

  2. Donna says:

    Im anal. LOL..I change my sheets 3x a week..typically Mon Wed and Fridays. My husband knows not to sit his butt on my clean sheets with out a shower FIRST. The smallest of grains on a sheet with my sleeping on it will put me OVER the edge. And yes ladies..I come to San Pedro with sheets LOL

  3. tacogirl says:

    Showers help sometimes Remo and then there are some days where you shower here and 5 minutes later it feels like you never had one. lol @ G rated is true raciest thing I ever posted was British army boys butts when they were doing naked bar all night at Pedro’s.

  4. Remo says:


    My helper washes twice a week and changes my sheets every Monday. Never longer than a week normally.

    I take many showers (really hot months) and usually shower before I go to bed.

    I can think of other reasons to change the sheets earlier but this is a G rated website…ooops….haha!


  5. tacogirl says:

    Too funny – that is why I do Sunday so I wake up Monday morning in a fresh bed. Today there is nothing fresh it is too damn hot. I am about ready to break down and turn on the ac have a good excuse as we have an afternoon meeting at taco shack and need to cool it down for that.

  6. carbunkletrumpet says:

    you change the sheets? Ours have a lovely grey color to them and when they start to sprout grass we get a new pair!
    Actually Monday is our Linen washing day, kind of like in the lines of new week, new sheets.

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