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Up Close and Personal

Not to long ago it came up in conversation with two different friends about how often we change our sheets. I said that I change mine every Sunday and if I could [especially with hot hot it has been lately] I would do same as Oprah and change them every few days – a bit unrealistic now that we no longer have a washer at home. Both people (girls) said that they go longer that a week for change over of sheets – I am addicted to the clean sheet feeling and could not imagine waiting that long. I googled it and found answers ranging from twice a week to twice a month with once a week being the most common answer.

So the question on the table is How often do you change your sheets?

Down Town San Pedro Belize

I thought the bucket store shot was fitting to this post since I have a laundry bucket collection from when we lived in town.

Down Town San Pedro Belize


  1. carbunkletrumpet

    you change the sheets? Ours have a lovely grey color to them and when they start to sprout grass we get a new pair!
    Actually Monday is our Linen washing day, kind of like in the lines of new week, new sheets.

  2. Too funny – that is why I do Sunday so I wake up Monday morning in a fresh bed. Today there is nothing fresh it is too damn hot. I am about ready to break down and turn on the ac have a good excuse as we have an afternoon meeting at taco shack and need to cool it down for that.

  3. At least weekly, unless the dog jumps on the bed with sandy feet, then more often

  4. I agree sandy dogs change everything. When we babysit Molly she always sleeps at the foot of the bed on her towel.

  5. Change the sheets? Never. That is what a maid is for!!!1

  6. Change the sheets? Never. That is what a maid is for!!!

  7. Haha@carbunkle

    My helper washes twice a week and changes my sheets every Monday. Never longer than a week normally.

    I take many showers (really hot months) and usually shower before I go to bed.

    I can think of other reasons to change the sheets earlier but this is a G rated website…ooops….haha!


  8. Showers help sometimes Remo and then there are some days where you shower here and 5 minutes later it feels like you never had one. lol @ G rated is true raciest thing I ever posted was British army boys butts when they were doing naked bar all night at Pedro’s.

  9. I wish Mystery – sadly my cook ran off with my maid and left me to fend for myself.

  10. every 2 to 3 days

  11. With this hear 3 days sounding more on target.

  12. Im anal. LOL..I change my sheets 3x a week..typically Mon Wed and Fridays. My husband knows not to sit his butt on my clean sheets with out a shower FIRST. The smallest of grains on a sheet with my sleeping on it will put me OVER the edge. And yes ladies..I come to San Pedro with sheets LOL

  13. That would be heaven Donna fresh sheets feeling 3 times a week. Bringing your own sheets that makes me laugh. I did same once when staying on the mainland. My cousin and I were surfing the website of where I was headed and we both noticed the bead spreads looked very 70’s that was a dead giveaway to me that the sheets were not up to par and sure enough I was right they were pilly and scratchy.

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