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Cayo Arts & Crafts Fair

For those of you who like to support the Arts check out the Cayo Arts & Crafts Fair this weekend. Where: Old Cultural Center, San Ignacio. When: Saturday 1st of May, 9 till 1. Who: Artists, Artisans and Craftspeople living and working in Belize.
What: Work created in Belize. Aim: To provide a vehicle and facility where local Artists, Artisans and Craftspeople can show and demonstrate the work they create in Belize.

Calling all foodies I found a yummy Spicy Serrano Guacamole recipe and a good explanation of the word origionation on delicious living site.

I just got out new hydro bill $467.43 the good news is that it is not really our bill. Bad news is that the owner of the building is away and so we still have not been able to get our bill and meter situation sorted out. A bit more bad news the 12.5% gst increase on all BEL bills Р53.05 on this bill ouch Рglad it is not ours. I cross my fingers we can do it before this one comes due. For those of you who have been following our hydro saga just goes to serve as a reminder not only do you need patience to live here persistence and keeping on top of things helps too Рgoing to go show this to P the care taker and put out a friendly reminder to resolve things.

Cayo arts and crafts fair


  1. Ahhh yes….those ever popular Caribbean utility bill mix ups. I’ve had my share of them and seen a whole lot worse. Hope you get it sorted out.

    Great blogging.


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