ultimate hot wheels

Ultimate Hot Wheels

Some of the cars I see in San Pedro remind me of Hot Wheels racers as you will see in my pictures below. For me  it is a reminder that life in Belize is not the same as it was back in Canada. Seeing Hot Wheels cars around town always puts me in a good mood, similar to how I think living in a tropical climate and being a 10 minute walk from the Caribbean Sea is better than Prozac.

I was planning to do this post when I got home last night but tv and a program on Nat Geo about Egypt and King Tut secrets caught our attention and I never made it back to my laptop.

Here are my TGIF moments from yesterday:
– Surprise of our house guest Dennis returning from the mainland early because he had to get his passport stamped at Immigration.
– Getting a nice scalp massage at CG Esthetic when I went to get my hair done.
– Going for an iced coffee with Dennis after the salon at Catamaran beach bar followed by happy hour, big @ss bistro burgers and a basket of fries at El Divino. Also spilled over into a happy Saturday moment as I get the other half my burger for breakfast after Dennis makes our fortified fruit smoothies.
– Paul not knowing Dennis was back and we had gone for dinner bringing me home an order of Hugo’s Paella from Pedro’s Pizza. Again spilling over into a happy Saturday moment as Dennis and I can have Paella for lunch before we and I hit the beach. [If you missed Paella night be sure and go to Aji Tapa Bar and Restaurant to try Hugo’s cooking, it is worth the trek to North Ambergris Caye]

ultimate hot wheels
Ultimate Hot Wheels car
hot wheels
Lino’s Meat truck
mini atv san pedro belize
Jay Jex’s mini atv
ultimate hotwheels
Cowboy Doug’s Polaris
downtown san pedro
Hot Wheel car downtown
 pictures of hot wheels cars
Tim’s red and black smart car very Hot Wheels
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While writing this post I decided to Google Hot Wheels and see what kind of cool stuff I came up with.  I thought the tag line on their facebook page was inspiring and definitely worth posting –  Push the Limits. Break Records. Go Full Throttle. This is Hot Wheels. Go For It!

I also found a couple of cool videos the first one is a infomercial for Hot Wheels Wall Tracks called The Diversion.

Next comes Team Hot Wheels 2012 Recap from the official Hot Wheels You Tube channel, amazing what their drivers can do.

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