Ambergris Caye Belize COVID Relief Cook Book

Two Great Belize Books

1. COVID Relief Cookbook

First, off you may have read about the San Pedro Hot Lunch Program in my write up – Whose Handling the Food?  Aside from the donors listed in the highlighted post, I am sure a few of you are wondering who is handling the money to feed all those mouths cooked meals?

Kimberly Wylie of Cypress Canyon Publishing stepped up to help on that end by whipping herself into action to generate some steady income for the feeding program. And I mean literally, Kimberly told me, average production time for a book, and with a completed manuscript, is six months. This one was completed in two weeks.

Knowing urgency was a factor and wanting to support the cause with something that directly ties into feeding people, the Ambergris Caye COVID Relief Cookbook was born.

100% of the profits from this book are getting donated to the San Pedro Hot Meals Program, to purchase food and supplies so they can continue to feed those in need on the island. As far as the book goes, the pages hold 96 varied recipes from local chefs, restaurateurs, residents, and travelers. While there are several Belizean dishes, Kimberly decided to represent the melting pot that is Belize and includes many multicultural favorites as well.

2. In Her Own Words

This book demonstrated what can be done with the kindness of a community, a lot of coffee, and little sleep. 🙂 I had so many people step up with amazing recipes. Then people like Kelly so willing to donate amazing photos… well, it just really was incredible!

I first came to Ambergris Caye in 2009 and immediately fell in love. How could you not love this island? The only thing warmer than the soft, sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters is the hearts of the Belizean people.

This is an island where strangers quickly become friends and friends eventually become family.

I have numerous stories of the generosity, honesty, and kindness of San Pedranos. From a musician who helped us fix our headlights on our golf cart with a guitar string late at night to a gentleman who saw my windblown $20 bill under my golf cart and stopped me to give it back to me.

One of my now good friends, Frankel “Mac” Logan, owner of Enell’s Grill, trusted me with a cheeseburger and fries when I had no cash on hand. His “No problem. Pay me later.” response was mind-boggling to me at the time. I could not fathom walking into a restaurant in the United States and having them offer to make me food, even if I didn’t have money on me.

But this is the Belizean people. And now they need our help.

The COVID-19 virus has crippled the world. It has done untold damage to our physical health, our mental health, and our financial health. But here on Isla Bonita, the damage is almost beyond measure. Ambergris Caye’s main industry is tourism.

Now, three times a week, Maresha and her crew of volunteers at San Pedro Hot Meals serve hundreds of hot meals. As of the writing of this book, they were serving approximately 350 meals per day! But there are so many more people they have to turn away.

This is where this book comes in. I personally thank you for your purchase of this cookbook. You’ve helped ensure people on the island didn’t go to sleep tonight hungry.

We just made our first donation $1262 US/$2454 Belize dollars this week. We will be donating $1600 US/$2800 BZD next week. And will continue to make weekly donations based on sales. I hope sales stay strong like this. She said Maresha told her, it costs her about $2 US/$4 BZD per meal. So the first $1262 US will feed over 600 people.

You are touching lives you may never meet, but are forever in your debt.

Kimberly Wylie

Featured Image

Featured Image for this piece, by longtime tacogirl image contributor, L Kelly Jones. He was delighted to support the book with the same image donation and bought 10 copies.

Ambergris Caye Belize COVID Relief Cookbook

An Organic Story by

I, too, was writing a book this week, I have done many one-offs over the years. This particular project had been a bit overdue, so I put it on the top of my quarantine to-do list last Sunday. Along with housecleaning and the holiday Sex and the City Marathon 😀

It’s one of a kind, an organic kids’ story called Tinker’s travels. I was inspired to create it by recycling the leaves in my fresh flower assortment, a few weeks back from Kunahmul Organics.

Unlike the one above, my book is not for sale. However, if you appreciate the idea and would like to sponsor this post and help survive the effects of Covid-19 you can do so by an RBC bank e-transfer or by donating to my PayPal account with the following email:

Thanks to all sponsors so far, your support is much appreciated. I have been mentioning everyone individually in posts as they come in.

In my pandemic generosity writeup about the increase of gift-giving, I was inspired to make this book for Cindy and Andy’s daughter Tinker (Oceané) as a get well gift. She has a broken arm and suffered the fate of a Belize City Hospital visit during the pandemic.

Along with the ready-made interchangeable leaves, I gave her some recycled craft paper circles to write more words on, the start of a buried treasure map, and some pages to draw artwork on to match her story. I also included a small bag, (see pic above,) of interesting pieces Tink can use when making up her travel stories.

Cindy, I apologize in advance if you end up sweeping leaf bits. At least they are softer than tiny dice.

Farm Fresh

This week’s Kunahmul Organics produce list….

Amy’s salad mix 250 g. $10.00, collard greens 250 g. $10.00, Malabar spinach 230 g. $7.50, okra red and green 230 g $4.50, eggplant medley 230 g $4.50, sweet Thai basil 25 g. $4.00, purple basil 25 g $4.00 Genovese basil 25 g $4.00, lemon Basil 25 g. $4.00, lemon balm 30 g $4.00, culantro 45 g. $4.00, mint 30 g $4.50, oregano 30 g $4.50, thyme 30 g. $4.50, hot peppa mix 230g $4.50, poblano peppers 230g $4.00, Mex sweet peppers. $3.00, summer squash p/p $5.00, turmeric 230 g. $3.50, chilaca peppers 230 g $4.50, serrano peppers 230 g 4.50
Callaloo 230 g $5.00, lemongrass 230 g. $4.00, kennikura edible flowers 20 g. $4.00
Moringa edible flowers 20 g. $4.00, moringa leaves 20 g $4.00, moringa drumsticks, 250 g. $8.00, Miniature Pineapple p/p $1.50, (Limited), watermelon p/p. $1.00 – limited, golden delicious mango. $1.00 – limited. Treat yourself to some healthy organic fruits vegetables.

If you like surprises, ask for your $30 or $50 tacogirl vegetable box. You can place a custom order, email Pandora at, or WhatsApp +501-610-5115 (Payments can be made online or in-person at Belize Bank.)

 *Note sometimes their internet goes in and out. In this case, texting or calling can be the best way to reach if you do not hear back quickly about your order. I also get an occasional treat when you order mentioning my blog.

Here are a few more farm pictures Joel the head gardener and Elias in the field. Joel and Pandora on a daily round of the field, here with the kennikura under the bri-bri trees and Florencio checking and boxing orders. Farm pics courtesy of Pandora.

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