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Summer is Comming

I read something that I found very funny this morning – it was a line on Absolutely Natural website saying ‘summer is almost here.’ If you had been here yesterday and felt how hot it was for May you would know why I am laughing.

Being from Canada originally this is huge and of course one of the main reasons why we made the move to Belize in the first place – hot hot hot.  Chatted briefly with Dick who is in Calgary Canada temporarily for work and his weather report on coconut phone yesterday  was – 13 deg c – raining and he had to wear winter coat  – ouch.

What is your weather like today?

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6 thoughts on “Summer is Comming

  1. tacogirl says:

    I understand the joys of good smoked meat Allan – grew up going to Ben’s and Dorval Deli. Just reading your comment brought back a full taste memory that left me wanting more. Poutine was our 2am snack lol.

  2. allan salter says:

    Paul: Be happy you are in Montreal. The folks in San Pedro will never understand the joys of smoked meat on rye with kosher pickles,chopped liver and potato pancakes washed down with Stoli in cherry coke at 2 am.

  3. Emily (@EmilySNC) says:

    We are actually hotter than Belize right now here in North Carolina! Mid-90s this week, which is way above normal. Heat index in upper 90s. I’d much rather be in San Pedro, by a pool! I actually read an article online saying that May was the hottest month in Belize. We were there last year May and Aug, and May was hotter.

  4. Paul says:

    Beautiful day here in Montreal but certainly not as hot as in your
    gorgeous surroundings.

  5. Alan Slater says:

    Springfield, Mass. is sitting at 24c, at 5:20 pm with thunderstorms forecast for tonight. Thank God we are not down south!!!! 875 tornadoes by the end of April alone!!!
    Thanks for the invite to Linkdin, Laurie. I hope I got the procedure right.
    Alan S.

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