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Shooting Stars

Cindy Paul and I floated in the pool last night and sky watched. We saw the big dipper – satellites and shooting stars. Must have seen about 5 satellites – I have never seen them travel so fast which of course led to alien space craft jokes. Shooting stars were active too – 4 of them went zinging through the sky above us. That topped Cindy’s record of seeing 7 in one night down south – of course we all made wishes when we saw one.

Super hot again today 30C or 85.f. I took a short break from work and rode my bike over to Healthy Belize. Zac got a new veg shipment last night –  for $29 bzd I got 3 decent sized green peppers – broccoli – cauliflower – a bag of lychees and 2 oranges. All organic except the lychees and all grown in Belize – put in an order for garlic and more mixed greens as he sold out quickly last night.

Just got word on new flights and times – Tropic Air will launch its service into Guatemala City from Belize City on June 13th with an introductory fare of $299USD round trip Monday to Friday.

Schedule as follows:

Belize City 7:45AM—via Flores–Guatemala City 10:00AM

Belize City 3:00PM–via Flores–Guatemala City 6:00PM

Guatemala City 7:30AM–via Flores–Belize City 9:45AM

Here are some pics from a recent beach walk south from a couple of Sundays back.


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  1. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    I like that Johnny G is branching out with Tropic’s routes, here is to hoping that he puts a Memphis – Belize City Round trip in about 7 to 8 months.

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