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Treasure Island Academy Pirate Party 2011

Big sigh – some how wordpress dashboard has decided to change itself and taken away some well used options such as opening links in a new page. Now I have to go in search to see what code is missing from a past post and see if adding it will work – it did. I told Paul about the issue and that I was able to fix it – he looked at my screen hit refresh and magically wordpress changed itself back to how it is suposed to be. Go figure – I swear computers have a mind of their own. Remember Westworld movie when the robots take over and create havoc?

Last night was the annual Treasure Island Academy School Pirate Party fundraiser – always a good time. The Bar was busy all night long and this years food was Panini and Pedro’s Pizza. Do not remember what the desserts were but there were a couple of choices. Congratulations to Jason who was the big poker tournament winner of the grand prize – a weekend at the luxurious world-class private island –  Belize resort Cayo Espanto.


  1. Great pics Laurie but what happened to the slideshow capabilities? Boo Hoo – I had to click on each pic (just FYI).
    See you in a few days 🙂

  2. I have no idea why it is not working Maureen – thanks for letting me know. Will get it fixed asap.

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