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Treasure Hunt

Getting more things set aside for the “Stuff Swap” at Pedro’s tonight. It’s always like a treasure hunt – you just never know what will turn up.

Lyle and Don are down on the veranda jamming. They sound great. What a treat to hear good, live music in your own home on a sunny afternoon. They’re playing songs like “Cherry Bomb” and “Run around Sue”.

Thanks to Pedro, I got the biggest surprise at the stuff swap. He arranged a party to celebrate my winning public vote for the Lonely Planet travel blog awards. Pedro enlisted Paul’s help to get people there who might not have been planning to come to the swap. Rebecca even donated a cake that she made and decorated herself. I also got a “worlds best blogger” certificate from Shuffles and RLD. Joanne also made me a fantastic taco trophy.

The swap stuff was great. I wasn’t sure if it would be as busy as usual, as a few people are out of town, but we got a decent amount of stuff, and everyone seemed happy with what they found. People kept showing up staggered with stuff, and made it so much more fun, as every time someone brought more in we would all wander back to the table and have a fresh look.



Celebrating 1st place win for LP public vote, with 35% and 1262 votes

3 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt

  1. tacogirl says:

    Was a fun party Gail and a total surprise beyond the swap – Ruthie is getting good use of that bag 🙂

    lol previously bitten – foozeball is fun

  2. previously.bitten says:

    Fooseball? There was fooseball? Very key thing to have for a party, to be sure! …but Skee-Ball, now that would have been something.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a great party! Congratulations to Pedro and Paul for organizing itand being able to keep it a secret. The cake looks yummy!.
    Tacogirl is certainly deserving and NUMBER ONE in everyone’s mind.
    Ruthie, nice bag.. 🙂

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