Fun filled Friday

So much going on today and this evening.

Between work, the pool, the sunset cruise, Russell being in town and playing for one night with “All Cayed Up”, and gearing up for stuff swap tomorrow. My time is well booked.

I’m glad I got up early to get a good jump start on work before heading to the pool. Cindy and Cherie are coming to class today, and I’ve been wanting to get pool time in with Chunky and Ruth. They’ll be leaving soon, back to MN for 6 months.

Main task this morning is to organize my confirmed list for Blog Fiesta Lobsterfest 2009 ,which includes re-sending out the invites. Anyone who is interested in coming but has not registered yet, please email me ASAP, as I am looking to start working out accommodations for those coming from out of town.

Just got popped on the coconut phone by Lara and Monel; both are coming to aqua-fit class today. Will be a fun class.

More to come…

Class was great as usual. Large, too. We had 10 people! Lara, Cindy, Chunky, Ruth, Monel, Gwen, Datallmon, Maureen and myself. The boys were at the back of the class today, because they’re all so tall they needed to be in deeper water.

Another longstanding thing I was able to cross off my list today was going to get my mail. Miss Dianne has been giving me subtle reminders that there was a Christmas card and a few other things still waiting for me. Turns out the Christmas card was from DCG, and I got a post card from rump-shaker as well. That’s the beauty of getting a private unit with Dianne – your mail will not be sent back if you do not collect it on time.

Reminder for all those coming on the sunset cruise tonight – time and meeting place for the sunset cruise is 5:15 PM at the O’Farrell House dock beside Belize Yacht Club. Please arrive on time to sign in and pay. There is still room on the boat if you want to just show up at the dock without checking in first, we would welcome the surprise.

A true test season change happened tonight; I did not put my hoodie on after the sun went down on the boat. I stuck with my idea from last time not to have rum punch till after the sun set, and it worked perfectly. All our cruise virgins had fun, too. You know it’s a good time when people get to dancing after the sun goes down. The Seaduced boys always take good care of us.


Great ending to a great day

2 thoughts on “Fun filled Friday

  1. Michele in Playa says:

    The Kinnon Clan is totally in and booked for Lobster/Blog Fest 2009!! Staying at Paradise Villas again. You get the full family onslaught this time. Rob and I and all three kids, Rob’s two sister’s, and possibly my brother. Look out San Pedro!!

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