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Living in Belize

travelqueen does Cinco De Mayo


Holy Cross Extravaganza numero II!
Written by travelqueen

What a fun-filled event that is such a great cause for the kidos of SP! Here are some pics I took through out the day! Hope you enjoy!

Mr. Tillet “gambling” with the kidos. Note to self: do not choose numbers 6, 3 or 1! The house took my money!!! Karen – one of the volunteers came to help.

Steve and a HC teacher, working hard to sell chips! NOT!

Mr. Noel, do not give these lovely ladies a hard time!

Mrs. Carole’s face painting table was a hit!
Kids, changing out the trash bag! Excellent!

The yard sale was a hit!

I love these two pictures! The kids are having a blast on the “jumpy thingys”!

Pinata time! I spy Mrs. Laurie!!

Alright, everyone stand back and give the lil guy some room!

Mr. Freddy makes it right for every kido!

Winner of the microwave raffle!

Ok Mr. Freddy and Mrs. Frances… who’s the next winner??????

The “kido’s event” was a huge success! Everyone looked like they were enjoying the fun activities, the delicious food, the chance at winning a raffle prize and great deals at the yard sale!!

Now… onto the evening events!…

Sari, you are a great auctioneer! Thanks for all you did!…

Rockin’ band!!…

Fun was had by all!…

Good to see so many familiar faces…

More familiar faces…

Or just part of their face…

Mr. Bob, thanks for all your hard work!!!

And the rest of the night… we’ll just leave to be a mystery. He he.
Thanks to everyone for making it a success! See you next year!

my 2 cents – by tg
We all the biggest laugh comparing notes on the rest of the evening over the next few days.

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  1. Theresa in Mèrida May 10, 2008

    The jumpy thing is called a Brincolin here in Mérida (brincar means to jump). Somehow the name makes me think of cough syrup. Up north I remember them being called something like bouncing castles. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  2. Carbunkle trumpet May 9, 2008

    I think this could be the first installment in the TQ Blog. Good Job

  3. travelqueen May 9, 2008

    he he eh… go me!!!

    matt, hello boy! come back for a visit!!!

  4. Nomadic Matt May 8, 2008

    Your photos makes me miss Belize.


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