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2 miles per hour

I am moving 2 miles an hour.

Party was great and lots of people are sending in their pics for me to post which I will get to after we go to Island Perk.

I am still moving slow. Chatting Laura on coconut phone and saved a bunch of pics that TQ just sent me of the party.

We decided to go for a visiting walk – first stop was O’farrell house to pick up the other Paul, then we went to Changes in Latitudes, next up was Ken and Martha’s and then we were off to Pedro’s for bowling and pizza. Scottish JD and Walter kept us laughing all night.

Face painting – by Sherah41

Raffle – by Sherah41

Steve doing chip sales – by Sherah41

Pinata by – Sherah41

Marilyn – by RLD

Happy by RLD

Enjoying the party – by RLD

Karen Francis Laurie and Quick silver Dianne – by RLD

Singing by RLD

Sari – by RLD

Garrick – by RLD

Kristen and Angie – by RLD

Wonderwoman Shuffles and Kristen – by RLD

Cathy Jan Karen and Rudy by RLD

Courtney’s blackboard used as a sign – by RLD

Big metal Fish – by RLD

Auction – by RLD


  1. Michele in Playa

    You must be relieved and exhausted all at once. Get some rest!!

  2. Fun event for sure! Now where the hellaremysunglasses? 🙁

    I think someone stole them at the gravesite…

  3. so true michele

    lol tq that was all so funny

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