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Town Meeting

I was not able to go to the town meeting last night so I will leave you with what Rebecca had to say about it…

A town meeting was called last night to discuss the potential sale of 3,000 acres of North Ambergris Caye by the Belizean Government. I attended and this is what I learned. A few weeks ago, the dereservation and sale of a chunk of Bacalar Chico was reversed but now it seems the government is looking elsewhere (outside of the national park) to complete this transaction with foreign investors. So far, the govt has been vague about which land they are looking to sell, but those at the meeting seem certain that it is the “Pinkerton Estates”, land that was set aside years ago for infrastructure and for the future generations of San Pedro.

The sale price quoted ($4000bzd/acre) is a fraction of the market price which was speculated at hundred of millions USD at the meeting. Many (including the Mayor) asked, …”if the government needs this money so badly, why don’t they give the people of San Pedro the right to buy land that should be theirs” for hospitals, businesses, houses, facilities and schools for an island that has thousands and thousands of children and is growing every day.

It was tentatively decided that there will be a shut-down of businesses on Tuesday morning for 9-12. They asked that the people of San Pedro and its visitors wear white and join hands in the streets to protest this sale and to let the investors know that we are willing to fight this sale in every way possible. This will be a completely non-political event…no UDP, no PUP, just neutral white. Reef Radio will be broadcasting more information all week.

There is speculation that there is an additional 5.000 acres, (supposedly outside the reserve area, in the Pinkerton Estates), whose sale is also being negotiated by the government. No one is certain where either of these parcels lie as no map or diagram has been presented showing either area.

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