San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Santa sighting in San Pedro

It was quite a feat to pull of getting enough presents for 400 Holy Cross kids especially when the donated shipment of toys did not arrive on time.

Luckily… some of the message boarders had been shopping – Miss Grace made a toy trip to Belize City – a last minute spree in town and a willing bunch of elves stuffing stockings with school supplies helped make sure that Santa had enough goodies to hand out. You can see by the smiles on their faces that the kids were quite pleased at what Santa brought them.Thanks goes out to all who helped make this possible.

To see more pictures please visit the Holy Cross Blog

Other exciting news Reef Radio held a telethon today to help get funding for the road in San Mateo up and running.

I walked 2.01 miles today – 6374 steps – 1790 aerobic steps – 16 minutes of aerobic activity (thanks for the new batteries for my pedometer Bill and Becky I am using them)

Emily and Tyra

First donation from Reef Radio telethon.

More donations coming in for the road

Stuffing stockings

Tyra holding her present

Presents for everyone

Santa was very popular

Look what I got

Yay presents

Shiny new car

Happy to see Santa

How exciting

I got a tractor

Christmas stickers

Look at my new bracelets

Too cute

Santa and his crew of elves

Cell phone and car

Hats made by Dick’s Oma

Hand made hats were a hit

I got toys

Kids playing with their new games

Walking home to Boca Del Rio

2 thoughts on “Santa sighting in San Pedro

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Jamie the kids loved it and are always glad when people stop by the school for a visit.

  2. Jaime says:

    The party looks like it was great!!! i would’ve loved to have been there again!!
    and the kids look soooo happy!! congrats for another yr of success with this!!

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