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Town Crawl

Another busy day.

Uploaded more pics to yesterday’s post, double checked town crawl list – what they may lack in numbers they will for sure make up in noise, printed of Chloe’s flight info going to go drop it of while I head north to check for some more name tags.

A few crawl highlights – Bloody Mary’s and blended Coffee drinks at Estel’s – playing 2 truths and a lie at Fido’s – Lucky calling bingo for us at Pier Lounge – Paul H’s parents Albert and Penny arriving at the Tackle Box after just flying all the way from U.K. – view food and music at Bay Side Bar (got to see skydivers) – Usual Suspects and view at BC’s – Poker Tourney and pizza at Pedro’s

Grand total 43 crawlers in all

Under construction

Breakfast club enjoyed Bloody Mary’s


Off to Fido’s

Group shot

T-shirt winner

klc buying his bingo card

Otter won

Otter collecting his loot

Courtney drinking a come on %&*$@#er

Mrs Otter won

Rudy Paul

Winner of a Pier Lounge shirt

Group shot

Off to Tackle Box

Hanging out

Winner – tackle box tank top

We are getting biger


Enjoying the view

Got to see skydivers jump

Group shot

Off to Bc’s

Cheers from Albert

Getting in on the ride

Rest of us walked

Still crawling

Bc’s was packed

Still standing

Off to Pedro’s for Poker tourney

Outside party


A few of the gang

Cherie and Cindy

Outside at Pedro’s

DCG and Forrest

Second table

Poker players

Pedro passing out Jagers after bell was rung

Still crawling

Still crawling

klc waving

Forrest gives great massages

last of crawlers – by ?

Beer Fairy and Pedro – by klcman

Last of the poker players – by klcman

Winners – by klcman


  1. nice grid

    ha ha tq

    sounds like fun michele would love to see that

  2. Looks like a blast!! We have three legged bar crawl/race coming up in Playa on March 22 (which my friend Nicole and I WON the first year). Too bad I’ll be with you guys this year!!! Yippee!!

  3. taco, these are GREAT photos! Looks like everyone had fun… but not as much as southern crawl! We kict thier arse!!! 😛

  4. TC, I have 200 for you, but I wont be there til 3/1… Gridguy

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