San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Friends falling from the sky

Could this day get any busier?

DCG and Dita jumped from a plane today. We spent the morning getting them signed up and making plans to meet at Spin drift and head to Coco Loco’s.

Some of us hitched a ride back to town with Dick Carole and her son Ritchie – Chloe Ted and Nova went for lunch and to hook up with the Otters and Klcman – Carole Dick and Ritchie went to sign up for Richie to jump – I came home for home for a quick break and to get DCG a pair of shoes – DCG and Paul kept each other company at the bar. Going to go with Dick and Carole in a minute so we can get the Miss Carole and head back up to the landing area.

Ran into a few of Brat pack second time around and some of us headed to Sharon’s place for a pool party potluck. YUM. Was good to have an early night.

Skydivers are in town

Jump plane


Hand painted signs are not a lost art here

Dita and Lydia signing up

Dita andLydia

Walking to Coco Loco’s from the bridge

Coco Loco’s

Waiting in anticipation

Watching the skydivers





Dita after falling from the sky

Heading back to landing area by boat

Water view

Coco Locos

Looking for the plane

Falling from the sky

Floating in the air


Reaper otters and klcman
Brat pack

Jackie and Sharon

3 thoughts on “Friends falling from the sky

  1. Anonymous says:

    COOL.. wish I was there to witness this in person but alas, I have to be content with Tacogirl’s pictures.

    Just heard from a friend that while she also didn’t witness the jump she HEARD Lydia’s WWWHHHOOOOHHHOOOOO down the beach! 🙂
    Hope she got the video.

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