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Top Ten Likes and Dislikes List for the New MSN Messenger

My friend Richard popped me on the coconut phone to see if we needed anything from town – I told him it was his lucky day as Jeff loaned us his golf cart and Mitch and I would be by shortly to pick him up for our errand run. He was quite glad as one of his errands was returning bottle. The thought of him hauling crates one by one on his bike made us laugh – we have all seen similar scenarios like that here and sometimes with a kid in tow as well. After going to Crystal we headed down the road to return a pizza bag to Walter then it was off to town for a quick stop at Aida’s shop bank and groceries. As we got close to town our conversation naturally turned to food and by the time we hit front street it was decided that stewed chicken was in order so after Caribe Creations and the bank we headed to El Fogon for some tasty food.We finished up our errands with some grocery shopping then headed for home. I will leave you with tacogirl Top Ten list number two…

Top Ten likes and dislikes list for the new msn messenger

1. Like -the colored status buttons

2. Dislike – cannot copy and paste persons email from top of window if you wanted to

3. Like – the bamboo screen option

4. Dislike I picked bamboo I do not see it in my own chat window I see what the other person picked

5. Like – I did not loose my emoticons – have a choice collection going

6. Dislike – both my pic and persons pic to the left hand side of the chat window – space waster

7. Like – space age sounds when someone signs in or you get an email

8. Dislike – cannot see enough of contact list when on a netbook

9. Like Рshows last bit of pervious  chat conversation

10. Dislike Рhas favorites and groups above the one I actually  have all my contacts saved in.

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Returning bottles
Returning pizza bag to Walter

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