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I am in puttering mode this morning – trying to tie up loose ends and seeing who is  interested in taking a boat ride to the north end of Ambergris Caye for a getaway.

Sending a get well shout out to Joanne in Canada who is home sick with pneumonia. Get well fast girl you will be on a plane heading for San Pedro before you know it – lucky girl is coming back to the island at the end of October.

Word from South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch (S.A.C.N.W.) is  there are currently about 17 poker players signed up and you can still reserve a seat for the game by going by Seaside Real Estate and giving Josh your $210 buy in. If you want to see who you will be playing against in the poker tourney or read about all the other fun stuff happening at that event  you can check out the flyer.

For many of you it is starting to get cold now as winter approaches. I am sure that some of you are already starting to daydream about your next vacation. Hopefully the under water snorkeling  pictures below and this  video clip of Diving the Blue Hole in Belize will help tide you over till you can make it back to your special place in the sun.


  1. I’m guessing the snorklers are Dick and Carole…am I right?

  2. OH poor Joanne – luck has not been on her side! Bless her heart, hope you are all well, thanks for the pics.


  3. You guessed right Ruthie.

    Yes Maureen she is going through a hard time pneumonia is not fun. Doing well here – glad you liked the pics.

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