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Today’s Special

This morning at the pool we watched as a huge dark gray rain clod moved quickly towards us. We were all laughing and did not mind as there was no lightening. Thinking about our stuff was another story so we all jumped out of the pool and moved everything under the palapa and sat for a few min break while the rain passed. It is amazing how much the sky changed throughout the process which lasted all of about 5 minutes – brilliant blue and big fluffy clouds to a dark grey band across the island then washed out and back to brilliant blue and fluffy white clouds again.

On my way home I stopped at the Sausage Factory and picked up 4 pork chops – sliced smoked ham – sliced white cheddar and ground steak – cost $36.44

Today special – Hummingbird Cafe is serving up Lobster Bisque with a side of cilantro rice and a salad price $15.

Tomorrow’s special will be by request for their “famous” meatloaf!
Meatloaf comes with garlic mashed potatoes and corn for. $15.00 BZ
Hummingbird also has fresh flan, rum cake, and tres leches!

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6 thoughts on “Today’s Special

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for the compliment Linda. Glad you are enjoying your stormy skies in Alamos. Sometimes there is nothing like a good rainstorm so peaceful.

  2. linda lou says:

    ahhh, took me awhile to find your great blog! Senor would sure love some good lobster bisque. We are loving our stormy skies here in Alamos. have a great day!

  3. tacogirl says:

    Too funny Ronette I ended up being to lazy to cook chops plus was short on veggies for a side so I opted for a ham and cheese sandwich with some celery sticks instead. Will do the chops tomorrow night.

  4. Mouchois says:

    I know that funny weather all to well! Here in Florida it will be bright and sunny one moment then storming the next.
    And I would love to have some good pork chops right about now. I think you just influenced tonight’s dinner!

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