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Stealth Zucchini

Finally did something I have been meaning to do for a long time now – surfed trip advis0r Belize forums and joined Belize Forums – both great sources for information. I was glad to see Belize forum has a shout box (mini chat) – that leads me to one question… Pedro when are you getting yours lol?

Islenutt needs your support – she is doing the AIDS Walk  San Francisco on July 19 in honor of a dear friend. Isle is walking for team Williams-Sonoma Inc. #1223 so far the team has raised $24,644. Please help Islenutt reach her goal of $500raise money for a great cause. Payments can be done by paypal – after you put in the amount of the donation it goes to the payment part scroll down for pay pal option.

I keep trying to break for lunch and make a salad and I am waist deep in forum posts and Belize blog pages. Walking away right now before I collapse from starvation ha ha.

My coleslaw recipe… red cabbage – carrot – celery – zucchini – garlic

I chunk everything up and throw it in my mini food chopper and voila tasty slaw. Today I went for olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dressing over the traditional mayo. Was still a bit peckish after so I ate 1/2 an avocado.

As I was eating my lunch it occurred to me that I have just found a stealth way to get zucchini into Paul ha ha – well semi stealth I am busted if he reads this. Will test soon and see how it goes – he always whinges about eating it and I tell him zucchini is a main staple vegetable here and he better learn to like it a bit more.

Speaking of food…tomorrow’s [ Thursday] Hummingbird lunch special – Lasagna  comes with a side salad and pita bread for 15.00 BZ

Heather just popped me a link to the Alliston Herald article written about Direct Abundance girls coming to Belize.

Shout to my mom from Paul and I. Thanks for the housewarming gift from afar not sure what we will get yet but I have a few things in mind like a blender – some pillows for guest room and other house hold odds and ends. Actually now that I think about it may be worth a trip to the mainland for all that. Not been in a while and I still have a water taxi coupon that we won at the SACNW pool party fundraiser.

I will leave you with some sunset pics taken from Brahma Blue across the lagoon – they suit my mood today. I love how they sky can start out dreamy and grow so intense so fast.

Sunset lagoog side san pedro

Sunset lagoon side San Pedro
Sunset lagoon side San Pedro
Sunset lagoon side San Pedro
Sunset at Brahma Blue

6 thoughts on “Stealth Zucchini

  1. tacogirl says:

    Have you seen the book Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld? She is all about hiding veggies in food as puree’s so kids will eat them. Lara bought the book and she said it is amazing how well it works. I love zucchini bread but never made it – not baked in years lol. I guess maybe it is time to consider getting more than 1 glass lasagna pan ha ha. I hope people help Islenutt too.

  2. Gail P says:

    LOL on hiding the zuchini so Paul won’t know he is eating it.
    There are tons of recipes out there for great things made with zuchini, including great breads (similar to banana bread) or chocolate cake… the list is endless. BUT that means you might have to bake. 🙂

    Great idea to give Islenut the plug for her AIDS walk. I am sure her many Belize buddies will be more than willing to donate to such a worthy cause.

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