San Pedro Belize beach pictures

To early

It is 5:36 am and I am barely awake – feels like time is moving to fast and my brain too slow.

Our alarm went off a 5 am rude-awakening but not as rude as DCG’s alarm going off at 2 am least she has the excitement factor of coming here. Hit snooze button twice. Glad our first destination is around the corner.

It is a “b” morning chat wise got Bill on coconut phone and bb was in mini chat when I popped on the message board a minute.

6:21 am
Just caught the tail end of the beginning of the big race. They were not on Belize time on this one and as we were walking towards the dock the horn blew and they were off like a shot. I had to dart through the crowd on the dock to get a pic or 2.

Cannot get to comfortable we are leaving for breakfast soon.

9:43 am
I am comfortably full of granaches (sp?), elephant ears and conversation – ready for some channel surfing and a nap. Then I can think about what needs to be done around the house. 5 min channel surfing was enough I am moving to a proper nap in bed and enjoy the quietness of the moment.

2:06 pm
DCG made it to the tacoshack – perfect timing she and Paul are shouting at the tv I mean enjoying the basketball game – I am puttering.

Sunset cruise was awesome – the sky was so incredibly beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. I was great meeting Beth’s mom Lucille, Sister Susan and niece Maribeth – they just arrived yesterday, and were loving it already.

I almost forgot the most amazing thing is when it got dark, we got to see the jelly fish glowing fluorescent blue in the water – it was beyond cool.

3 thoughts on “To early

  1. travelqueen says:

    Well this weekend I don’t like her! 🙁 How dare she!… 😛

    Looks like a really fun time on the ss cruise.

    Can’t wait to see you. xo

  2. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    Please tell DCG that Carbunkle Trumpet still doesn’t like her and in a week I won’t like Travel Queen either!
    Ok I am over it,only 68 sleeps till they hate me and Ms Trumpet!

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