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Show some Love

I decided I was just not up for doing my usual laundry routine (bucket style) and decided to splurge and have it done across the road at Nellie’s – sheets and towels for wash and dry is $20 bzd and can pick up at 6pm – I hang dry most of my things to help them last longer so my personal stuff was only $10.80 bzd and will be ready at 2pm.

Cindy just popped round and said more Cubans have landed. 8 men and 2 women (she thinks) They are at the police station and are hungry thirsty and could use some fresh clothing. She stopped by there to bring food and water, made sure it got to them, and asked me to please put the word out that anyone who can help them to get more comfortable please go there and do so.

Not long after I put the word out, I was messaging with one of our other friends Shuffles who had read and responded to my post on the message board. She offered to get some things together, come pick me up and drive to the police station.

The policewoman on duty was very nice and she and one of the other officers helped us carry our bags in and hand the over directly to the cell where the Cubans were being kept. Most of them were sitting on the floor and some were eating. One of them was standing near the door and I gave him what little usd Paul and I left in case they ended up going to Mexico.

Seeing them in the cell sitting and waiting had a very strong impact. So many thoughts were racing through my mind – I could not even begin to imagine what it would be like to be in their position – all these people had was the cloths on their back and hopes for a better life.

Now I really understand how Novascotianuts felt when she said the 6 or so banker’s boxes of school supplies they got to the school felt like nothing after doing the tour of San Mateo. I remember saying “it takes many drops of water to fill a bucket”. I guess the same applies here towards people doing what they can to help make this part these people’s journey a bit more comfortable.

I was glad that Shuffles went there with me. On the way home we chatted and wondered why their faces looked blackened as if they had been in a fire. We also thought of things we should have brought but didn’t. It was enough to make me want to go back after she dropped me off .

So I rummaged around for a few more things – Spanish to English pocket dictionary, razors, toothpaste and tampons and set off to order a shrimp burrito from Warumguma, buy toothbrushes a big jug of water and a few more snacks and back to the police station I went. This time I did not feel so overwhelmed and made sure to give the woman on duty our phone number and let her know if these people needed anything to please call us and we would do what we could to round it up.

I walked back home stopping to get our burrito on the way. Shortly after I got home, the phone rang and it was the policewoman saying they asked the Cuban’s what they needed most right now and they had asked for towels so that they could get cleaned up. I popped Shuffles on the coconut phone and let her know of this new development.

Right away she was on it and doing towel and facecloth delivery with a guest that was staying there. I was glad – Paul or I would have gone back but I was fighting off a headache and just wanted to rest and he was in the middle of something. She also informed me that the woman staying with them C had seen the boat that morning and said the entire inside of it was covered with oil and they are guessing the engine may have blown which explains their sooty faces.

5:21 pm
I just remembered my blogger homework thanks to chicagotom group emailing his. Doh! At the bloggers meeting this past weekend Heather had copied pages from the book – No One Cares What You Had For Lunch – 100 Ideas for your Blog by Margaret Mason. We all drew numbers and were given the corresponding assignment with the option to trade it back once if we did not like what we got. I lucked out and had no reason to trade.

I picked #27 Show some Love – (Short explanation) – which was an exercise in recognizing friends around you doing worthy things – from raising healthy kids, perfecting a signature mixed drink, making a fresh start or what ever the case may be.

Although I have many good friends all over the globe, I am going choose my San Pedro friends for this exercise.

I can honestly say that since moving here and meeting the friends we have, we are definitely in a sustainable community.

All our friends here are wonderful and I have seen countless examples of different friends taking time out to help one or more of the group who is in need or just do random things to help improve quality of life in general.

We all look out for each other and wish each other well on a regular basis. It is not that I have not felt that elsewhere or from other friends by any means – I know I am well blessed in the friends dept. I think why this group feels a bit different is that we all made our pilgrimage to Ambergris Caye island and found each other. We are sharing a common bond of growing roots and finding our way in this new life – sharing our trials, tribulations and joys. Knowing that these friends are close by makes life that much easier – an extra special safety net and that makes me feel relieved and safe.

I am on coconut phone with Kra-Z-K – she is telling me about her dinner with Nancy and how much fun they had. Yet another wonderful message board match up.

Since I am in a multi tasking frame of mind tonight I am also detailing this post a bit more while chatting.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures from Sherah41 – been chatting lately but not met in person – and few statements about how I see our working relationship with the fine people we have met living on the island.

We have many circles – our circles spread far and wide.

I can honestly say that everyone on our path to what ever degree is in our life for a reason.

We are learning so much through hanging out in different groups.

We balance each other out in different ways.

The pets are well cared for.

The group is well cared for.

With that I will say good night I just saw it was 12 am and I need a few min couch potato time before bed. We are getting up with the roosters to photograph the start of the eco challenge race then going for breakfast at Changes in Latitudes – yum.

DCG comes in around one for a couple of days. yay

Heading south – by Sherah41

Inside Changes in latitudes – Sherah41

2 thoughts on “Show some Love

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Teresa

    Thanks so much for commenting. Though we did not get the chance to talk to them, they felt like good people and hope what everyone was able to do gave them some comfort.

  2. Anonymous says:

    dear tacogirl,

    i just went to your blog after reading theresa’s comment on the homework. reading about the cubans brought tears to my eyes and i want to thank you and you friends for the help you gave them. my family and i left cuba when i was 8 (now 53). it saddens me so to see that people still live in such conditions that they risk their lives by leaving on a boat or sometimes evens rafts. i am grateful that they made it safely. God bless you and your friends for all you did.


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