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Tick Tick Tick

The clock is totally ticking and my schedule rapidly filling up.

Just booked Dell to come this aft – that was Colette and Maya’s thoughtful birthday present. While she is here I will be up at the school taking some pics of Colette doing her first Humane Education Class teaching the kids to be kind to animals and every living thing.

Back to housecleaning and getting ready to leave.

Today’s Humane Education Class went great. Colette did 2 groups of younger students and wowed them with puppets and interactive learning fun. They were beaming as they learned some valuable life skills such as how to treat animals and greet grownups one on one.

Have to toot my own horn for saving that till right before my mom came. Now we have sparkling orange scented floors.

You can see more on Holy Cross blog.

Quicksilver sign being hand painted

Hand painted signs are not lost

Kids loved Colette’s presentation

Excited and ready to learn – so cute

Leaning to ask permission to pet someones dog

Healthy fruit snacks

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