Don’t forget your coat

by tacogirl
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Believe it or not it is cold right now – enough for many of us to turn up at catamaran in long sleeves and some in jackets as well.

Also cold enough for the girls to decide they have not had ice cream in a while so we all decided to take a DandE’s for a frozen custard break. We piled in 2 golf carts and went off to enjoy some. I had one scoop of coconut on a sugar cone with a hot fudge bulls eye in it – yum.

Rudy and Capt Jeff


Brrr Cindy has a hoodie and a jean jacket on

Indygal and Chris

Beth and Grant with jeans and real shoes on

Some do not get cold as easy

Dick’s parents are back in town – 4th visit

Off for frozen custard

2 cart convoy

Content from our treat

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tacogirl November 19, 2008 - 12:37 pm

I agree Lisa DandE’s is the yummiest.

lissa_ror November 17, 2008 - 8:09 pm

DandE’s is the yummiest! I absolutely love the soursop flavor. I kept telling my boyfriend about it (prior to our last trip), and he kept saying “boy, you really love the stuff, don’t you”. funny thing was, that when we were down, he is the one that insisted we go EVERY day we were on the island, lol


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