belikin beer

Things could always be worse

Yesterday was a good reminder than things could always be worse. I was heading to a morning marketing meeting and when I arrived at Coastal Xpress the 9:30 boat I quickly learned that I had accidentally misread the water taxi schedule, I also learned that I had forgot my wallet and reading glasses. Luckily I had some bills stashed in that bag. Taking the 8:30 water taxi would have made me way too early as the meeting ended up starting on Belize time.

I decided I would hitch a ride somewhere along the way and started walking and made it to the bridge in about 15 minutes. As I crossed over I saw a Tractor that had got 2 wheels stuck in the mangrove mud. That was my “things could always be worse moment.” Not long after I passed Felize Bar and Grill, my ride found me and it turned out to be that Chris from Pelican Properties was going to the same place 🙂

belikin beer
Unloading cases to help get the tractor unstuck

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