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Lazy Sunday Crazy Monday

Happy 2013 everyone, hope you all had a fun time ringing in the new year. We started out as romantic dinner date crashers at Casa Picasso where Cindy and Andy were having a baby free night out. After that tacoboy and I progressed to town and made it as far as Lola’s Pubfor the big street party. Gino and the shackshakers were playing when we got there and the party was already packed and everyone was having a great time.

Town board also did the traditional  fireworks show this year and it was better than ever. They had a new kind I have not seen before and when they exploded it was like a big patch of glitter in the sky. I managed to get a picture of one but it does not do it justice – see last fireworks picture.

Back track to Sunday afternoon for this next part.

As we were enjoying our morning iced coffee in the fab new cups that Leisa gave us from the states, tacoboy said “he would do what ever I wanted today but was hoping for a lazy day”. I was all for it and my thought was a walk down the back road to the store later would be as much movement as we need.

The island definitely feels quiet right now, especially with lack of barking dogs being set off by holiday firecrackers that sound like someone firing off some fast rounds on a pellet gun.Power outs the past 2 nights have also made it nice and quiet. Unfortunately for some it has also caused surges and loss, Leisa said they just had to replace breaker in cold room – ugh.

We really do need to get a few more surge protectors and after last night I am thinking of new emergency lighting options as well. I just ordered a bunch crank flashlights on ebay with cheap shipping to Belize, worth chancing duty at the post office. If they work out well I will definitely order more.


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