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The Old French Bakery / Hacal Kiik

I am very pleased to report that the Old French Bakery which is still open in Cayo is now in San Pedro as well at the Hacal Kiik building on Chicken Street. This is the area just across from where the airstrip ends as you are heading into town make a left going past Tropic Cargo, and go 2 streets down towards the Lagoon.

While Dick and I were driving around looking at Boats yesterday we happened to pass by Hacal Kiik and he noticed the open sign, since we were planning a bakery run we decided to stop and see if we would get lucky here. Boy did we ever, I had not realized this is the spot The Old French Bakery was going to be, or that it was their opening day and that there would be a delicious selection of samples awaiting us. It felt like we had stumbled into a secret party.

Sean and Blanca were delightful. Everything we tried was top quality, and we were both very excited to find real bread. Dick purchased 2 loaves of bread, french sticks and some walnut sourdough. All were delicious and it is hard to pick a winner, but I will say the raisin bread did not even make it to the toaster at dinner last night and we all went back for seconds on all of the bread choices.

I highly recommend stopping by the Bakery to enjoy their wonderful selection of goodies.
You can reach them at 600 – 9896

Please help spread the word this is a much welcome and needed addition to our food options.

Sean and Blanca

Great Selection

Snack time

Buying bread

What a treat

Sweet Bread


Olive Bread

French sticks

Sub buns

Oatmeal Rolls

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait to get home to san pedro. I enjoyed your article on the new bakery in town. A little competion for my friends up by the cut. I hope they prosper

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