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Living in Belize

I ate french fries for drummer Dan


Tonight is the start of fund raiser for Drummer Dan Van Patten and Miss Trudy.

Saturday September 1st- 7 p.m.
Raffles at Crazy Canucks Bar
Music with Dennis Wolfe
and The Usual Suspects Band
Many surprise prizes such as dinner at
Lily’s Restaurant

Fund raiser was great, all our friends were there. They did raffles 50/50 draw and had fresh made french fries which were a real treat. The Usual Suspects were great and the day was also a celebration of Dulce’s birthday. There was 2 kinds of cake at the end of the night for Dulce and catching up for Stacy as well.

Usual Suspects




The gang

50/50 winner

Break time

Dianne and Tracey

French fry girls

Line up for fries


Dennis and Dulce dancing

Cake time


  1. steve September 7, 2007

    Can someone contact Danny Van Patten,tell him to contact ol school chum,Steve Ray,here in Sedona,Az.I have a home here and cabin next to ski lifts in Flagstaff.Search steve ray sedona,az to find me.Will be buying a new houseboat for Lake Powell someday.

  2. Cindy the Conquerer September 2, 2007

    Dammit, I got there at 11.40 pm and obviously missed the whole shebang! See you in the manana tacos!


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