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Living in Belize

The Making of Belize Lifestyles


An Interesting fact about this October. there are 5 fridays, 5 saturdays and 5 sundays This only happens every 823 years… it’s auspicious and lucky Chinese dates they consider this to be fengshui money bags and it will bring you good fortune. Sent in by slf

Thanks to rm for debunking what I said above and letting me know it was a hoax via fb message – Saw this posted on your blog. It is another of those bullcrap internet myths. It happens like every 7-12 years, depending on Leap Year. Here are some years with 5, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in October 1999, 2021.  We are making our second trip to Belize next Month. Coming down with Mark Mulligan and Kelly McGuire (two Top Country artists). Counting the days.

Shout out if you are counting down a trip to Belize and how may days you have left? My Cousin – the Memphis girls – Trumpets – Chunky Ruth – Jayhawk’s + 1are a few others in count down mode.

This morning I am catching 7am Tropic Air flight to Belize City – going to meet up with the teal at Nigel at his office to film the intro for Belize Lifestyles. The Nuevo team and Belize Film commission are very please with how the tv series is coming together.

Change of plans since I wrote that yesterday I am not going to the city. I have decided to start my day by cleaning my desk. Chatting with Shuffles at the same time and going to put coast on just have to decide which one. This post still in editing stage I will be back with more later.

I have settled on last nights show about Ancient mysteries and Parallel Dimension. Author and investigator Graham Hancock is talking about his research into ancient mysteries – supernatural beings and parallel realms. Right now he is speaking about the archaeological discovery of the megalithic site at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, dating back almost 12,000 years old. Some of the facts he presented are …. size comparable to Stonehenge – far older and site construction – giant stones which have been carved very precisely often with reliefs of animals and strange supernatural figures.

I have another great blog recommend for you. Met Michael on the San Pedro Poker Crawl Saturday night and found his story fascinating. My Final Voyage tells Michael’s story.

As promised here are pictures from Last Saturdays filming. We had a great time – the weather was cooperating and the boys at the pool bar were willing to try and sit quietly as we got the shots.

If you want to keep informed about the launch of our exciting new Belize tv series – upcoming contests and promotions – sign up for Belize Lifestyles newsletter – Belize Lifestyles twitter page.

After taking care of  interviews and serious stuff first it was time for some fun and adventure on jet ski’s. Half the team went out on the water and the other half of us were on the boat.

Saw this posted on your blog. It is another of those bullcrap internet myths.
It happens like every 7-12 years, depending on Leap Year.
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  1. tacogirl October 25, 2010

    Nice you will have a great time Joe. I replied to your other comment check that.

  2. Joe October 24, 2010

    48 days til Libby and i arrive for our first time. We have not made plans on where to stay yet. Looking for advice…… Dec 11th – 18th then back on the 2nd of february again for 10 days. again no plans on where to stay. Cant wait !

  3. tacogirl October 22, 2010

    Sure thing to email – you can find it top right near view on cellphone option.

  4. Kitty October 22, 2010

    Beyond excited! I love rain, especially tropical downpours. Should we bring bug repellent?
    Can I email you some questions relating to your discount page?

  5. tacogirl October 21, 2010

    Nice Kitty you must be excited. Even paradise has bugs and rain – we do love living here.

  6. Kitty October 21, 2010

    29 days til we arrive for our first trip to Ambergris Caye!
    My husband, twin sister and brother in law will be there 11/19 – 11/26 to celebrate my brother in law’s 40th and get some much needed R & R away from the Seattle rain.

    Taco girl, you are making life in Belize look like paradise!

  7. tacogirl October 21, 2010

    I think you clock in for longest countdown right now Carbunkle – can anyone beat 142 days?

  8. Carbunkle Trumpet October 21, 2010

    Yep there is nothing better than sending the email to Holiday checking availability! Sad that we will miss the annual “Its Raining White Men” but that is ok, I just hope that they will replenish the beer! 142 days! Whoo Hooo!

  9. tacogirl October 20, 2010

    Same here Ruthie.

  10. Ruthie October 20, 2010

    Hi Laurie, Chunk and I are sheduled to arrive 11-15. Needless to say, we can hardly wait!

  11. tacogirl October 20, 2010


  12. bob October 20, 2010

    We’ll be in San Pedro for 8 nights.(and days)

  13. tacogirl October 20, 2010

    Hard to believe it is down to 10 days Laura.

  14. Laura October 19, 2010

    10 days! The girls from Mphs. will be there for the parties on Halloween Eve, Halloween, All Soul’s Day. It WILL be a party!

  15. Changes in Latitudes October 19, 2010

    Jon and Dorothy….we are looking forward to having you as our guests!!!!

  16. tacogirl October 19, 2010

    You will be in Belize breakfast heaven soon Jon & Dorothy and likely ready for some sunshine and palm trees.

  17. Jon & Dorothy Bridges October 19, 2010

    115 days and counting till our first trip to Belize…looking forward to staying at Changes in Latitudes!

  18. tacogirl October 19, 2010

    Nice Bob – how long will you be here?

  19. tacogirl October 19, 2010

    Trumpets are not due till the new year – you will have to meet them over Memphis bbq and snap a few pics.

  20. Drew October 19, 2010

    Girls from Memphis countdown – 10 days! Yeah!!!!
    When are the Trumpets arriving? Guess we need to meet those folks since we live in the same city and love San Pedro.

  21. bob October 19, 2010

    I think we are around 30 days from coming down.
    Missed our summer trip down this year, went to Roatan instead.


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