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The big night
Conclusion, more lighthouse beer

The big night

True to form it always rains the day of the big block party. This year it was 2 short heavy bursts around 3:15, hoping that is all we get but waterproofing myself in case.

It is going to be a super fun night tonight, been texting with Dick, Leisa, Laura, Jane and emailing with Hayley, we are all excited for the party.

I have already decided I am taking the day off tomorrow.so you will have to wait till Monday for party pictures. Here are some good ones I took to celebrate the opening of Lobster Season 2013, Charles cooking up lobster on the grill at Estel’s.

belize food

Contemplating the grill

belize beer

Conclusion, more lighthouse beer

lobster in belize

Look at the size of those lobsters – YUM

belize foods

The rest of the grill looks yummy too

Contemplating the grill

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