Here comes the Sun

by tacogirl
downtown san pedro

It’s time for some Friday fun, here is a 25 second video of someone driving their new screen door home on a golf cart. For me this video is a reminder of the quirky and charming side San Pedro. Hope you all have a fun weekend planned.

For us, the countdown to the San Pedro Lobster Festival Block Party is on. I can’t wait It has always been one of my favorite parties.

Today’s video is of someone driving home with a new screen door on their golf cart. It reminds me of the charming side of San Pedro Town.

We finally had a ran free morning, perfect weather for an errand run to town. On the list was paying bills, getting veggies and of course some junk food for later.

There was definitely an increase of people out on the streets enjoying the nice weather and so far it has remained a dry day. I still packed my dry bags for camera music player and phone when we went out, just in case. I did not bother with a raincoat, that is a good sign.

belize shopping

Big Tree Produce near Pirates Pizza

san pedro town

Driving down Middle Street

belize weather

downtown san pedro

Walking to school

belize fruits

Fruit and veggie shop near the bottom of Middle Street

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