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New Belize Beer Available at Roadkill Bar

If you are looking for a new choice of beer on Ambergris Caye head to Roadkill Bar for some ‘Summer in a Bottle’ and try the new Verano Beer. Belize Brewing Company has officially introduced it’s new seasonal summer beer. It’s light golden color combined with orange peel and spices make it the perfect drink for a hot summer day. Verano is available from now till the end of August so stock up while you can.

Since my beer [and tequila] drinking days are long gone my taste report comes from Changes in Latitudes and Matt who both agreed it was very tasty. Matt recommends drinking it in a glass – he thinks beer tastes better that way.  Adam and Jackie the owners of  Casa Picasso stopped by Roadkill yesterday while I was enjoying my ‘world’s best panty rippa’ and were happy to have a new choice for Belize Beer.

My prediction – I can see it now people will start making their Belize  travel plans around the seasonal Beers so they can try them all – or get their non beer drinking friends to stash a few for when they return 🙂

belize beer
Verano Beer by Belikin limited summer edition
roadkill bar belize
Casa Picasso owners enjoying a new beer option
belikin beer
Summer in a bottle – Verano Beer by Belikin

Nolan Michael Belikin Brew Master on Vimeo – Belikin Beer introduces Verano! Summer in a bottle.

Belikin Beer introduces Verano! Summer in a bottle. from Belikin on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “New Belize Beer Available at Roadkill Bar

  1. Emily says:

    I finally got to try the new brew last night, and I was a bit disappointed. I was expecting more citrus-y flavor. It’s okay, but not up to the standards of the sorrel and chocolate stouts, in my opinion!

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