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Thanks for the Ride

This morning felt like I was running in glue, trying to sort pics and get all the high res ones off my computer. I was hoping to finish before going out but it was just to sticky and slow, I decided that taking myself on a date to Estel’s would make everything right.

Around Grand Colony LouAnn stopped to give me a ride and took me as far as the gas station. I got around the corner and Carlos pulled up and said he would take me as far as Belikin Distributor. No sooner did he drop me off, Ken and Martha pulled up and told me to hop on. They were headed to Mayan Princess for a bit to enjoy the view in their friends unit and dropped me right at my destination.

No need to look at the menu I knew I wanted my usual eggs over easy, bacon, potatoes and fried jacks with butter n honey. Totally starvin Marvin so thanks to everyone who gave me a ride and got my stomach here faster 🙂

ambergris restaurants
Estel's dine by the sea
ambergris caye restaurants
Outdoor patio
belize restaurants


ambergris caye belize restaurants
Beach view


6 thoughts on “Thanks for the Ride

  1. Donna says:

    Great pics Laurie…makes me feel like I am still there! Estel’s became a fav quickly – especially when I saw the Green Bay Packer stuff inside!:-)

  2. Maureen says:

    That breakfast looks really yummy even at 9:40pm. 🙂 Wish I was there, I woulda picked ya up and drove you all the way to Estel’s, joined you for breakfast AND taken you back to Mango Casa – maybe even a little shopping in between there!

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