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Taste of Playa 2012 – WOW

Taste of Playa 2012 – WOW

I knew that the international food festival in Playa del Carmen had grown but we were all surprised at just how much. They had a packed event from start to finish and I am not surprised theĀ  tasting booths were endless and the food delicious.

We scoped out a good spot in the vip tent and took turns going out in the crowd for more food and drinks. Wicky’s meat sandwich was a big hit with our crowd, so was Dirty Martini. I also enjoyed pulled pork, sliders, sausage and veg skewer, smoked pork on potato salad, a double watermelon martini and tiramisu.

I am still editing my pictures and will get them up asap. Here is a video slide show to wet your appetite, sent in by Michele Kinnon of Buy Playa and Life’s a Beach Blog.

Taste of Playa 2012 – The Premier Culinary Event of the Riviera Maya Mexico

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  1. Looks awesome. Must make it down one year, plus I love food and the beach so this is the perfect combo.

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