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Holiday Hotel Halloween Mashup

As you saw from my Saga Spooktacular and Wayo’s Haunted Beach House posts earlier this week, it’s that time of year again, when goblins and ghouls come out to play. My night started out with pre-party. Kendall had invited Lisa, Ronnie, and a few others over. I donned my costume and was going to call my […]

Belize Celebrations

Haunted and Hot the Halloween Celebrations Continue

It is not uncommon for some local businesses to host an annual event for a particular cause. This is the case with Wayo’s Haunted beach house. Every year they make a big party with a haunted house on the beach to raise money for a charity. This year the party spanned two evenings, although Thursday […]

san pedro belize

Spooktacular Saturday and Sunday in San Pedro Belize

After dinner at Blue Water Grill, Tacoboy and I were both feeling pleasantly stuffed and like we were not going to last long at the Holiday Hotel party. As it turns out we did not get home till after 2:00 am. After dinner, our evening was delayed by watching the UFC fights and drinks at […]

ghost costume

Fun things to do in Belize

Halloween has always topped my list for fun things to do in Belize, people go all out for costumes and we always have a great time. Last night we started  a bit late and got to Roadkill bar just in time to have a quick one and head to Pedro’s for the pimp n ho […]