Here There and Everywhere

One thing about living in Belize and particularly on Ambergris Caye is that you go through periods of heavy social traffic. By that I mean because San Pedro is a tourist destination, and we get frequent friends and family visits, we are often called on to go out more. This past weekend was a good […]

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Secrets of Success in San Pedro

The San Pedro Belize Red Cross host successful First Aid/CPR training and Blood Drive We all know event planning can be a total crap shoot in San Pedro and no matter where you live. You just never know what speed bumps will pop up along the way or who will show no matter how much […]

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In prep mode for San Pedro and Belize City

Although it may seem like it, I have not gone MIA (missing in action). I have been super busy with Red Cross stuff in preparation for our community meeting tonight (see details below) and planning for a 3-day volunteer forum in Belize City at Princess Hotel & Casino which is now owned by Ramada. Each […]

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Forecast: Busy Weekend in San Pedro

The old saying when it rains it pours is often applicable to our lives in San Pedro.  There is always so much going on at once and this weekend is no exception. As much as I wanted to go to trivia last night, I passed in favor of getting extra rest for tomorrow’s blood drive […]

It’s in You to Give San Pedro

I got a call from a friend late Friday afternoon that we had a blood emergency on our hands. One of their dear friends had gone into liver failure, had been flown to Belize Health Care Partners hospital in Belize City and was in need of 5 pints of blood asap. He wanted to know […]