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More Facts About US National Adoption Related Arrest in Belize and My Surprising Medical Refund

Some of you may have read the recent news about the recent US National adoption related arrest in Belize. They extradited Mary Mooney from Belize right around the time I got sick, held her in Miami for a week, and no one was able to tell her clearly why. Mary is still waiting for charges […]

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Dr Lerida Rodriquez ordered bed rest and more tests

The cost of doctors and medical in Belize is an area that many people are interested in when they are researching the possibility of living here. Just like anywhere, it can vary greatly depending who you see and what is wrong. Overall I have been satisfied with my medical care here and thankfully have not […]

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Belize Businesses Learning to Respond to Medical Emergencies

The Belize Red Cross is helping the Belize business community lead the way when it comes to medical safety and dealing with potential medical emergencies in their communities.¬†Monday Nov 12, 2012 launched the ongoing Belize Red Cross Medical Safety program in Punta Gorda followed by a second course in San Pedro 2 days later. Bandage […]

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While I was Walking Home

I am so excited to say that while I was walking home yesterday afternoon, 15 staff from Victoria House, The Phoenix Resort and South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch went for additional training at Victoria House this afternoon. They all got trained in using the Medtronic physio control lifepak defibrillator, Lifepak 500. Bandage International is encouraging […]

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Late Night Health Care in Belize aka my Crazy Friday Night Sci Fi Experience

Friday night turned into a total real life sci fi movie for me within a matter of minutes. Around 10pm I decided to use some of my Glorious Belize coconut massage oil that I had added some small vanilla pod pieces to scent it. This was not the first time I had used it but […]