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Living in Belize

Dr Lerida Rodriquez ordered bed rest and more tests


The cost of doctors and medical in Belize is an area that many people are interested in when they are researching the possibility of living here. Just like anywhere, it can vary greatly depending who you see and what is wrong. Overall I have been satisfied with my medical care here and thankfully have not required anything major.

It started over the weekend with mild discomfort and progressed pretty quick to where I felt like I had a full out war going on inside me. I made an appointment with Dr.Lerida Rodriquez for her earliest available time Monday afternoon, and thankfully Shirlee was at our place working with me on Belize Red Cross stuff and I scored a ride. Dr Lerida agreed something was not right and immediately ordered me for lab tests and gave me some pills – cost $95 bzd. 

The next day I managed to make an iced coffee to start my day and tacoboy drove me to the lab for 7:00 am on his way to work. The guy drawing my blood did an excellent job. I did not watch him put it in, because then I would have actually felt the needle go in. Everything there went fast and easy, and the cost was $219 BZD for a bunch of tests.

The following day I was still feeling worse and I had entered my own private version of hell, being hungry as normal but not being able to eat because of the pain. I called the doctors office and the receptionist told me my results were back and asked where I lived, saying if I could get there before noon she would squeeze me in. It was 11:30 and I hustled fast to make sure I got in before lunch. 

The good news was all the lab work did not turn up a parasite or anything. The bad news is still major discomfort and not sure exactly what was wrong. Thankfully after Dr. Lerida examined me further she determined it could be an infection, and took more tests. She was so nice and seeing I was distressed by the pain, Dr Lerida talked with me a bit doing her best to make me feel better. She totally understood how it is that life does not stop just because your body decides to, and how when you work for yourself it is often hard to find the balance. Cost of visit and 3 medications she prescribed $236 BZD, Dr Lerida’s words of wisdom priceless.

Although I am still in pain, after starting the meds she gave me I am confident she is on the right track. I go back tonight for an ultrasound to check kidneys and liver and to see what the results from yesterday were.  For now I am going to follow doctors orders and back going to bed to rest.

If you are ever in need of a doctor on Ambergris Caye, Dr Lerida has an excellent reputation and I know many people (locals and a few tourists) who would recommend her with a gold star. If you need an appointment, call her office number at 226-2197 , or in case of an emergency, her cell is 620-1974.

belize medical

She immediately knew something was not right and sent me to the lab for tests.

medical in belize

Getting blood work done.

medical lab beize

New location of the lab on Middle street.

belize food

Stopped by the Baker on my way home for an emergency sandwich. that I could not eat.

belize roads

I was happy to see small gravel on the road for a change instead of big rocks.

belize medical

Back to Dr Lerida’s the next day for more tests.

roads in belize

Tamara and I were super happy to see 2 big loads of hardcore being dispersed on our street.


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  1. Charlotte February 19, 2014

    I find I get a lot of colds in a tropical climate too. Is it from the humid air?

  2. tacogirl February 19, 2014

    Feeling a bit better Tracey and just following Dr Lerida’s orders and resting as much as I can till I go fr next test on Friday morning.

  3. tacogirl February 19, 2014

    Thanks Alex and Elisa, have a partial diagnosis and am scheduled for more testing.

  4. tacogirl February 19, 2014

    Aside from catching more colds, I have also heard people here can have more breathing issues Emily from all the dust.

  5. Tracey February 19, 2014

    Hi Laurie,

    Are you feeling any beter?


  6. Alex Lovett February 19, 2014

    Hi Laurie,

    Very sorry to hear you have not been well. We are thinking of you and hope you get a diagnosis soon. Wishing you all the best to resume good health.

    Alex and Elisa

  7. Emily February 17, 2014

    We also found we were ill more on the island than back in the US. Mostly just colds — way more than our usual (less than one per year in the US) — but Barry also had a bad infection in his finger, which is what took him to Dr. Lerida’s office. I think one reason we caught more colds is tourists bringing down germs we were not immune to from all over the world!

  8. tacogirl February 14, 2014

    Thanks Charlotte. Ultrasound turned up nothing, just doing as much rest as I can. Have to wait till Monday or Tuesday for the next result.

  9. Charlotte February 14, 2014

    Get well soon. Take care of yourself.

  10. tacogirl February 13, 2014

    Hi Miranda can you pls shoot me an email reminder of your questions. Following doctors ordets and still resting. I go for ultrasound in an hour.

  11. Miranda February 13, 2014

    Hi, Laurie. I hope you are feeling better. I am wondering what medicines the doctor gave you, if that’s not too personal. As a nurse, I am curious what she was covering you for.
    Where is this doctor located? I will be on the island soon, and need to know these things.
    Also, do you have a dentist you recommend?
    BTW, I appreciate
    Alan’s comments also. I find a little( read: LOT) of alcohol intake is purely medicinal!

  12. Alan Slater February 13, 2014

    Hi Laurie,
    My comments seem few and far between, but I still read your blog every day, as I do with John Henry’s blog. Love your pix.
    Anyhooooo….. about your latest bout with health…have you ever thought that you might have too much blood in your alcohol stream??? I have mine checked on a regular basis and find that if the blood count is higher than 1/2 of 1% total, I could be in danger of some kind of relapse and lean heavy on the Bordeaux, Margeaux, or at a pinch Malbec. I am sure Dr. Al would agree. Get well soon.
    Alan S.

  13. tacogirl February 13, 2014

    Thanks Tracey.

  14. Tracey February 13, 2014

    Feel better soon Laurie.


  15. tacogirl February 13, 2014

    Thanks Emily, it does seem that way. Charlotte made a comment awhile back about tropical living and getting sick more in a hot climate. I am sure Dr. Al chimed in on that before too.

  16. Emily February 13, 2014

    Hope you feel better soon, Laurie. Seems like you’ve been sick a lot over the past couple of years… 🙁 Dr. Lerida is excellent, though!


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