November in Belize

Sweater Weather and Showers

People often wonder about the weather before they come on vacation, I see it year after year in Belize forums. Well, I am here to bring you some great news. As we slide into winter, overall we have been having gorgeous weather. We did have a cold front for a minute last week, but it was very mild and for me, and a bit amusing as you can see from my picture below of golden-haired Darwin at Feathers Guesthouse (link to Instagram.)

The boy at the Belikin Beer distributor I took while out with my friends Pam and Francine also shows telltale signs of our cold front. That day it was cool enough to wear socks with his sandals and a hoodie. As for the showers, it has been off and on rainy for the last few hours, making for a wet cool day. Some locals even broke out long sleeves and gloves this morning. Not to worry though, most recent travelers have not found November in Belize that cool at 25°C or 77°F, especially if they came from snow.  December promises more great tropical weather and a colorful Christmas as always. It is not even December 1st yet and the island is already starting to get decorated by residents and San Pedro Town Board. 

The next two pics are from my neighborhood. My friend Jenna was heading to town to do errands so she came by yesterday morning to get me as her go-with girl. After picking me up, we stopped to gas up the cart so we could take a worry-free joyride when her errands were done.

As is often the case with joyrides, we did not really have a set agenda, so we decided to start by getting a few road snacks at The Baker south of town. Owners Ken and Emily are both really nice people and have been running the place for years. Em was not there but Ken hooked us up with some reasonably priced snacks. I got a sausage pie and a cherry tart, Jenna got a sausage roll and an apple turnover. Then we headed for dirt roads and a relaxing drive in areas we do not get to very often. As you can see in my featured image we made it all the way south to the barge docks and saw the Belikin beer barge getting unloaded.

After the barge dock, we decided to weave our way back through Escalante area. Another great reason to drive around different residential neighborhoods of Ambergris Caye is food. There are lots of small mom and pop joints with delicious, low cost homemade Belizean cooking. Of course, since we had just munched out we only stopped to take pictures. Will have to go back another time to taste test.

Long after our trip was done, I decided to make dinner easy and hit La Fonda on Back St. just south of Super Buy grocery store. Absolutely delicious Al pastor tacos made with thin Orange Walk corn tortillas. Since this is just a roadside stand, they do not have a spit with the pork roasting on it or serve with grilled pineapple as it is traditionally done in many Mexican places. Still, super yummy though and I am happy this place is a stone throw from my house. I threw in a sunset pic as that is the view on my walk to the taco stand. Not a bad way to go to get street meat 😀

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