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A Randomly Timed Walk Landed Me a Night at Wayos Beach Bar

Last night was a full moon, and earlier in the day my friend Madison told me to set myself up for going outside at 11:38 to soak up the energy. So I set my cell phone alarm, kept on watching TV and texting with my friend R, close until 8:00 pm. I felt like I was ready to take my TV to bed, but knew I was not going to get up to do a moon bathe if I did that. So I decided the best thing to do was throw on a dress, grab my music player, and go for a walk.

I started on the “boat road” so I could be by the water, and was planning to walk to the bridge and back. When I hit Middle Street where the road turns into a two-way and started heading north, a cart drove by and pulled over. It was my friends, Jon and Eddie. They were on their way from a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Black Orchid and heading to Wayos. They asked if I wanted a lift and I said sure, telling them my planned route to get near the bridge. Of course that all went out the window as soon as we parked the cart. Jon and Eddie invited me to join them for a couple of drinks, and I decided Wayo not – pun intended 😀

With a round of Belikins and lime juice, it was not long before we got playing hook the ring. There was this young boy there named Jordani that was a Jedi ringmaster; I kid you not. I have never seen anyone hook it that many times. The best part was because we were giving him props and making a fuss, he started doing a dance and a lap around the bar every time he hooked one. You can see in the last picture I caught a bit of him jumping up and down excitedly. 

Jon and I did not fare so well, but we had fun trying. I am a huge fan when bars have games to make it fun. Eddie gave it a few turns too, but Jordani still reigned champion of hook the ring. 

Of course, after the Thanksgiving parties started winding down, the bar picked up and lots of fun people we knew, and many we didn’t came in.

For those of you who are first-time vacation planning, Wayos Beach Bar is a popular place on the water to have a good time and meet some fun people. Always a good mix of locals and tourists. They do have a limited bar menu but a great over-the-water view.

Thankfully for me the boys did not want to stay out too late and they gave me a lift home just before 10:00 pm.

Wayo's Beach Bar

The featured image at the top of this article and the following full moon shot are both courtesy of Jon J Foy. If you love great Ambergris Caye nature shots, follow Jon on Instagram @ jfoy350. He lives in a very photographic area and enjoys doing a lot of real-time and unfiltered work. As you look at the picture below, remember to twinkle and be full like the beautiful moon.

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