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Living in Belize

Surprising Dick


Live from Dick and Carole’s house…

It is not often that something happens earlier that it’s planned time in San Pedro.

I got a pop on the coconut phone this aft from Carole that the party was moved forward an hour, Dick decided to get off early tonight because it is his birthday and technically his Friday night too. Carole had to rush around and make sure everything was done and that a few of us were here to shout surprise.

She has gone to pick him up now at tropic and should be back any time.

The plan is to all hide when she calls, so when he comes in the door we will jump out and surprise him. I am sure once he sees the decorations he will know something is up.

Happy Birthday also goes out to Bonnie, Dick’ birthday twin. This is the first year that they have partied together on their birthdays.

Pam decorating the cake – it was yummy


Opening presents

Birthday twins Dick and Bonnie

Kitchen Party

Cutting the cake

Andi-Lee Kelli Herb Maya

Dick was happy to have a party

Birthday boy

Tool envy

Enough tool envy – Champagne time

Dicks present from Carole boat cushions

Cindy reviewing submarine blueprint

Discussing maps and submarines

Andi-Lee and Peter

Dick playing with fan and balloons

Heading home with 2 Pauls

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  1. tacogirl November 10, 2007

    That was pretty funny the whole submarine conversation. Carole and I were wishing we had it on tape.

    Was a great time Carly. Maybe you will get to come soon and enjoy some fun.

  2. Anonymous November 9, 2007

    i wish i coudve been there! looked like lots of fun!
    carly 🙂

  3. Cindy the Conquerer November 9, 2007

    I just love that picture of me looking at the submarine blueprint – that was a sure fun night.
    thanks taco


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