San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Breaded Shrimp yum

Paul and I decided to share an order of breaded shrimp and fried rice from 1&1 Restaurant, one of our favorite cheap chinese food places by the park. While we were waiting for our food we popped over to Fido’s for a bit. Our food was really good tonight and you can’t beat the price $10 bzd.

I am watching one of my favorite shows The Big Idea Donny Deutsch I find it interesting seeing what ideas people have had and how they put them into action. Tonight it is all about going green and making millions. Since the time change it comes on at midnight now and I find it hard to stay awake to watch it. We do not actually change time here in San Pedro, but since we get tv stations from all over via satellite everything changes depending on what time zones the stations are in.


Tables by the beach

1&1 Restaurant

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