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Surprising Cindy

Cindy’s birthday just passed. She decided to hold off on doing her birthday Catamaran trip till this weekend, as Dick and Carole will be back. Sharon was in charge of the details so while Cindy knows we are going out she does not know all the particulars, the best one being that Michele Rob and the kids are driving down from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico to attend the party.

We figured since they are coming all this way it would be kind of silly to wait till Saturday for the surprise, so we worked it out with Video Paul and Michele – we are going to bring Cindy to Wet Willy’s tonight to see the blues band surprise her with the Kinnon crew.

I have been working away since about 6:30 this morning – there is just not enough time some days. I have found 23 blog directories to go through not including links I will likely find on some of those pages. I have to cut short my mission and grab a quick bite to eat before I head off to aqua fit class.

Class was great 6 people came out for it today and Maureen changed it up a bit so we were not doing an exact replica of last week. Once she gets enough water weights it will add even more dimension to our routine.

Surprise worked out great. Paul and Cindy came to our house and Rick loaned us his cart. Soon as we got to Wet Willy’s dock I could see Cole and Birdie waiting. Video Paul and Cindy started down the dock ahead of us and Cindy said hi as she walked passed the kids then did a double take when she realized who it was – priceless.

While there I decided to have a burger and fries and it was tasty. Rick had told me the fries were crispy there (which is not always common here due to humidity) so he had helped put the craving in my head already. Cross currents (the band) was great as always they play at Wet Willy’s every Thursday from 7pm – 11pm

Great pool for aqua fitness

Bikini body here I come

Maureen does a good work out – you can really feel it


Cindy and Kinnon crew

Cross Currents Blues band

Sitting on the deck at Wet Willy’s

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